Make Up Remover & Facial Cleanser (Oil Cleansing Method)

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4 oz. plastic bottle

Ingredients: Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Essential Oil

There are facial cleansers – foamy, gel, soapy, dry. There are exfoliants and scrubs. Toners and splashes.

And then there’s oil.

The superhero of facial cleaning.

You heard me right. Oil.

Regardless of your particular skin situation (dry, oily, normal, reptilian), there’s an oil-cleansing method that will work with your type.

How Does the Oil Cleansing Method Work?

Turn off the faucet for a minute. Put your facial cleanser away. Instead, today, grab some oils and slather them on your face. Massage them around. Let them lounge luxuriously. Now, turn the faucet back on – very warm water. Dunk a washcloth in it and then slowly wipe the oil off your face.

Guess what? Your face is now as clean as it needs to be. It’s radiant. Gorgeous, dahling. You’ve just used the oil cleansing method.

But how does it work?

You know how your skin – all of it – secretes oil? Even if your face feels dry, it still has oil on it.

Well, according to chemistry know-how, like dissolves like. So, effectively what you’re doing  is dissolving and wiping away all the icky dirty oil from your face and replenishing it with clean, nourishing oil.

There’s no harsh chemicals involved. No suds. Nothing to actually strip your skin of its oil. And this is good, because when you strip your skin of its sebum, it goes into overdrive, trying to create more. Which leads to clogged pores. Blackheads. Whiteheads. Just plain old irritation.


What Oils Are Best for Oil Cleansing?

Regardless of your skin type, there’s one oil you’ll probably want, and that is:

Castor oil.

Castor oil is gives you the most cleansing, dissolving bang for your buck. It’s also highly antibacterial in nature.

It can also be drying. So depending on your skin type, you’ll either use more or less castor oil proportionally to the other oils.

Good Oil Cleansing Varieties

  • Jojoba (all skin types, but very desirable for acne-prone skin)
  • Sweet almond (all skin types, especially oily)
  • Grapeseed (all skin types, especially oily)
  • Avocado (dry and aging skin)
  • Sunflower Seed (all skin types)
  • Olive (all skin types)*
  • Apricot Kernel (dry, aging, and normal skin)
  • Argan (all skin types, especially aging skin … very pricey)
  • Tamanu (all skin types … very pricey)


Oil Cleansing in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Prepare. Either mix your oils together ahead of time, or have the bottles ready. Set a clean washcloth beside the sink. Turn the hot water on to warm up.
  2. Cleanse. Starting with a dirty face (no need to pre-clean here, even if you’re wearing makeup), rinse your face lightly with the warm, running water. Pour the oil in the palm of your hand and then apply gently all over your face. Massage firmly, but gently, always moving upwards. Massage for 2 minutes, and then let the oil sit on your face for 30 more seconds or more.
  3. Rinse. By now, you should have very hot water coming out of your faucet. Adjust the heat until it’s cool enough to apply to your skin, but warm enough to soften the oil (it’s probably going to be hotter than the water you usually rinse your face with). Dunk the washcloth under the hot/warm water until it’s completely soaked. Apply the washcloth to your face and hold it there for 10-15 seconds. Slowly begin to wipe off. Rinse your washcloth and repeat until you’ve wiped all the oil off your skin.

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